Next DLC meeting will be March 16. Interlaken Townhall, 100 Grasmere Ave at 7PM

The DLC was chartered in 1974 by the 7 shore line towns. Our mission is to provide leadership, guidance, and resources to preserve and restore Deal Lake and its tributaries as a healthy and stable ecosystem. In addition, control lake levels during heavy storms to the best of our ability with limited ocean tide controls.

    Updates/Flume Status

    Breakfast and lunch on the lake: Sunset Landing
    FUN on the lake: Deal Lake Dock
    LUNCH and Dinner on the lake: McGillicuddy's Tap House

    Monthly Archives: January 2013

    Sandy Disaster

    Eastern end of lake filled with sand as result of Hurricane Sandy.

    Some of the sand has been removed. Debris…

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    Minutes December 6, 2012


    DECEMBER 6, 2012


    The Regular Meeting of the Deal Lake Commission was held in the…

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