Deal Lake Clean-Up;   Sat March 28th

Starts  At:  9am  at the Asbury Boat ramp (by 7-11).  

Wear some older cloths and shoes and bring your favorite work gloves (we have some if you do not) . We encourage folks with boats to head out on the lake to do as much clean-up along the shorelines.   Be safe and wear your life jackets and do your best to rid the lake of that unwanted trash and debris. Rowers we would love to see you out there……

Home owners please take some time to clean your shore line.  Do your best removing logs, trash and other debris from our Lake.

See you all out there on the 28th.

Sunday, April 19th – 3rd Annual APFC Carp Contest

All of Deal Lake. 7 am – 12 noon Open to the Public.

  Largest $75
  Second Place $50
  Most Caught $200
(Under 12 years of age)

Weigh in at Deal Lake flume before Noon.
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Sandy Tree Removal Update

BIG THANKS to the spring cleanup crew of 60 folks on April 5th . We cleaned the main lake, Lolly pop & Fireman’s ponds.  The lake has not looked this clean in a long time.   The crew included local residents from each section of the Ocean, Asbury park, Loch Arbor, Allenhurst, Deal and Neptune. THANKS  A big Thanks to Troop 71 Oakhurst and The Allenhurst Fire department.    In addition to the clean-up you’ll either have or will see in tree crew in Ocean removing “Sandy” fallen in the public right of way of the lake.  A big Thanks to Ocean Twp for teaming up with the NRCS to fund this effort    Deal Lake looking great to begin our busy spring and summer recreation period.  Thanks again and enjoy the lake.
Also:  Thanks for Jersey cares for their clean-up efforts on May 3rd

Save Jetty Country and Don’t Dam the Flume Rally

Asbury Park Protesters complain beach replenishment may damage waterways, ecosystems
Deal Lake Commission Statement Regarding Beach Replenishment Project.

The ACOE have heard us and few meetings have been conducted with various groups organized by Congressman Frank Pallone.  The DLC still has major concerns that that the replenishment will cause our flume to be jammed with sand that will prevent release of storm waters (cause massive flooding) and prevent fish migration.  The ACOE are now in direct talks with the DLC and others to prevent the flume from being blocked.  The really good news they are actively reviewing their plans to ensure blockage does not occur.  We are awaiting their studies/review for comment.  Notching is also be relooked based on the massive feedback they received, but the ACOE still strongly believe notching helps build beaches, a majority of others family with our Jersey shore believe otherwise.

Deal Lake Commision Joins With NJDEP to Seek Federal Aid in Post-Sandy Cleanup

: UPDATE:  The DLC and the NJDEP has been successful in obtaining over $1 Million is dredging funds to restore the most eastern portion of Deal Lake from the wrath of sandy.  Deal lake is the largest Coastal lake in NJ and largest lake in Monmouth County.   The NJ DEP will manage the project with over site from the DLC.  More details will be leased in the coming months, but we plan to hold off any actions until the summer fall recreation season is over.  See attached for the Grant award.:  VERY Exciting stuff.  Just $5.9 Million more to fully restore Deal Lake to Pre-sandy conditions.

Deal Lake is a beautiful treasure savored by residents, vacationers, fishermen and boaters for over a century. Lenni Lenape Indians would fish and eat the bounty of clams and oysters. During Colonial times the British harvested seafood to be sent back to England. During the Revolutionary War, Patriots would execute small attacks on British ships retreating to Deal Lake for cover from the British Navy as they fired their cannons at them.

Called Lake Uliquecks by the Lenape Indians, an 1781 map shows Deal Lake was known as White’s Pond. In the early 1800’s it was known as Hogs Swamp Pond. On the 1851 Lightfoot map, it was called Corlies Pond or Great Pond while Sunset Lake was known as Little Pond. An 1873 map calls it Boyleston Great Pond and shows it still is accessible to the ocean. With the engineering completed around 1890, Deal Lake was created as it is known today, closing off the inlet and creating several separate lakes and ponds. Deal Lake was a model system of the late nineteenth century for Flood Control and Storm Water Management. Over time, the lake lured many to build along its banks. Today, almost the entire shoreline has been developed with many homes built within the 100 year flood plain.

The Deal Lake Commission was created by the seven Monmouth County, NJ towns that surround Deal Lake. The Commission was chartered in 1974 by the Borough of Allenhurst, City of Asbury Park, Borough of Deal, Borough of Interlaken, Village of Loch Arbour, Neptune Township, and Ocean Township.

Today, the Commission oversees the vitality, on-going maintenance and restoration to preserve Deal Lake for future generations. Each town appoints one volunteer Commissioner to serve annually. Commissioners give of their time because of their love for this lake and for their desire to preserve this treasure for future generations.



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